Germany Requires All Gass Stations Install Electric Car Chargers

Germany will require all future gas stations to feature electric car charging ports, in a move to boost demand for electric cars, Reuters reports.

The move is also in large part to help alleviate “range anxiety,” one of the major reasons people chose a gas vehicle over an electric one.

“Internationally this puts Germany in the leading group of battery electric vehicle support,” energy storage specialist at The Mobility House wrote in a statement, as quoted by Reuters

Demand for electric vehicles may be booming in Europe, but Germany still has a long way before turning the majority of consumers towards electric vehicles. Only 3.3 percent of newly registered vehicles in May were electric, according to Reuters. Car sales also saw a huge dip as a result of the global pandemic this year.

“The industry is down in a dark cellar, and although it’s managed to climb back up a few steps, there’s still no sign of light,” Klaus Wohlrabe, head of surveys at the Ifo institute, an economic research think tank, told CNN.


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