Grimes is selling a piece of her Soul!

Claire “Grimes” Boucher — acclaimed musician, avant-garde artist, and mother of Elon Musk’s latest child — has decided to auction off a percentage of her soul, Bloomberg reports. The bizarre sale, which will include a legal document specifying that the buyer owns part of Grimes’ soul, will be part of the performer’s upcoming online art exhibition, aptly-titled titled “Selling Out.”

“The deeper we got with it, the more philosophically interesting it became,” Grimes said, referring to the process of drafting the contract with her lawyer. “The idea of fantastical art in the form of legal documents just seems very intriguing to me.”

The show will be debuted on Gallery Platform Los Angeles starting today through June 3. Apart from planning to sell a fraction of her soul, Grimes also discussed plans to upload her consciousness to live in a humanoid vessel so it can then take her to Mars.

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