The pay gap between Black and White influencers

One story stood out to Adesuwa Ajayi as the perfect example of inequality in the influencer industry shortly after she set up the influencerpaygap Instagram account just nine days ago.

A white influencer sent her a DM about the time she was asked at the last minute to feature in a L'Oréal beauty campaign for £5,000 ($6,260) after the original talent had dropped out. When she arrived the celebrity had reappeared so she was no longer needed, but she was paid the fee anyway.

In a comment below, which has now been deleted, a Black influencer who is a popular DJ said she had been part of the same campaign and received just over £1,000 ($1,250) for actually appearing in it.

"That to me was shocking," Ajayi told Insider. "And it was so strange because I had literally just started the page and immediately I was seeing Black influencers realize that they had been low-balled significantly by reputable brands."

She said it's humilating when such things happen.

"You are well versed in your field, they reach out to you because of that, they know the reach you have," she said. "But yet they felt it was OK to pay someone who did not participate at all £5,000, and you £1,000."

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